There’s nothing like…

There’s nothing like…

Being sick over the holiday weekend.

Matteo kicked off the season with 101-degree to 102-degree fevers. After two days, he is almost back to normal.

Sadly, Christopher is now running a fever and has that awful croopy cough. It’s a little disconcerting. Mike is also not feeling well.

Ugh! I leave on Monday for the week. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am able to stay healthy.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a truly enjoyable Thanksgiving with #HoneyBakedTurkey, roasted-garlic brie mashed potatoes, sautéed maple Brussels sprouts, a green salad (without romaine) and homemade cranberry sauce.  For dessert, we enjoyed a pumpkin cheesecake and a homemade berry pie made by none other than our own personal pastry chef, Chloe.  The crew included Chloe, Mom, Rainey (aka “Nene”, and Pop-pop, who flew in from Philadelphia to spend the holiday with us.  We plan to keep a low-key week with some tennis, a run or two, quite a few movies, and a football game.  Oh, and did I mention that someone may have a bout of influenza?  Looks like Matteo may have a mild case of influenza despite having received the vaccination.

So far, we have accomplished at least one activity in each of those activity buckets.  We watched the annual Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving.  Chris and I ran the 2nd Annual Oakland Turkey Trot 5K Race.  We are pictured below before and after the race.  Matteo couldn’t join us because he wasn’t feeling well.

Agenda for today:  breakfast, a movie–trying to decide between Green Book and Fantastic Beasts:  The Crimes of Grindelwald–and dinner with Antonio & Michael, Nene, and Eve.


Where has the time gone

Where has the time gone

We really need to pay more attention to this blog.

Since I have deleted my FaceBook account, which I used mainly for keeping in touch with family, I have had no outlet for posting “updates”.

So here goes… our last post highlighted Matteo’s transition into the Catholic faith as he willingly accepted First Holy Communion. Aside from the important spiritual significance of this step, I couldn’t help but focus on the one person in that photo who is no longer here to share our experiences.

Grandma Dot, someone I cherished more that I can say, passed away after a short battle with liver cancer. This woman faced her illness with the same tenacity, grace and beauty that she brought to her life. Diagnosed in June 2017, she passed on October 31, 2017. Yes, she chose Halloween to die. Need I say more?!?!? GDot: I miss you more than words can say. I think of you every day. I want to send you a text to say “Hi”, to invite you to join me for our usual lunch or dinner, or to tell you about the crazy stuff that is going on at work.

This photo was taken just after her diagnosis at her celebration of life party.

Christopher and Matteo started 6th and 4th grade, respectively. Shit. We have a middle schooler. I have no idea how that happened.

The boys look so much older in these photos.

Mike, the boys and I met in Philadelphia last weekend—when I say we met there, I must clarify that I had been on a business trip that ended in Philadelphia.  We were there to join the Methlie family in what has become the annual Alzheimer’s Walk celebrating the life of my mother-in-law, Patricia Methlie, who lost her battle in May 2015.

Mike and the boys headed back home on Monday, while I headed out to Atlanta for work.  When they got home, they noticed that Bailey wasn’t himself.  He seemed very lethargic and was urinating outside his box.  Shit.  He is a 15-year-old Burmese—lifespans are generally 12 to 15.  We had just had an echo performed in Sept. and started him on Plavix due to an enlarged left atrium (LA) and a newly discovers defect in his left ventricle that was probably there from birth.  With this combination, the vet encouraged Plavix to mitigate the risk of clots.  So we started him on Plavix.  Fast forward, I was now wondering if he was having an adverse drug reaction, or worse, was showing signs of advanced diabetes.  I returned home on Tuesday night, and once I saw his condition, Mike and I decided to rush him to the vet in the morning.  The vet confirmed our fears—we had a very sick cat.  The plan:  labs, x-Ray and then other tests, if needed.  As the lab tech was attempting to draw blood, our beloved Bailey went into cardiac arrest.  They attempted to resuscitate him, but were not successful.  Bailey passed away on Nov. 14, 2018.  It’s crazy.  Just the week prior, he seemed absolutely fine…

In much happier news, the boys and I ran the 2018 SF Giant Race in September.  They boys have run 5K races before, but this was their first 10K!  You guys rock!

I am happy to report that this road road warrior has taken Thanksgiving off from work/travel to be at home with my family.

More to come…

Hawaiian adventures – Day 6

Hawaiian adventures – Day 6

I didn’t feel motivated to take any pictures today partly because my energy levels feel a bit off–I hope it’s due to the Sun and not this viral bug that has overtaken the vacation condo.  

Another family friend came to visit today.  We spent the afternoon at the lagoon beach.  Guess who didn’t put on any sunblock?  Me!

Mike and Grandma Johnie seem to be on the mend.  Grandma Kathi still seems to be coughing up a lung.  Christopher is doing much better today.  Yay!!!

2 days remaining…

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Hawaiian adventures – Day 5

Hawaiian adventures – Day 5

Need I say more?  This doesn’t include what adults may have at their bedside.  Oy!  I am going for a run, but hoping folks wake up in a lot better shape than they did yesterday! 

We are enjoying a little quiet time this morning.

Finally at 10:50 am, we arrived.  Now for some much-needed pool time.  At least Christopher is feeling a little better.

Hawaiian adventures – Day 4

Hawaiian adventures – Day 4

Need I say more?

But I do… 3 adults and at least one kid are sick!  Grandma Kathi, identified as patient zero since she came to Hawaii with a nasty cough, stayed in bed all day yesterday.  She is making the rounds today, but only barely.  Quite the trooper…  

Christopher, who woke up yesterday with a low-grade fever, spent a little Motrin-infused time in the pool.  Today, he seems to be much better, but we aren’t taking any chances.  I wonder if we brought enough children’s Motrin??? 

Mike also woke up yesterday with fatigue and the same cough.  

Grandma Johnie woke up not feeling well today, and plans to stay in bed all day.

I, however, am staying outside all day in the fresh air with Matteo.  Hopefully, we will avoid this insidious bug!

There’s my little bub…I guess he looks more like a nub.  Oh well.

Okay…I guess they can’t be too sick.

And then it was happy hour…2fer for me!  This day is looking up.

Hawaiian adventures – Day 3

Hawaiian adventures – Day 3

It started just like any other day…except Christopher woke up feeling a little under the weather.  He started his day with a little rest, lots of water and a game of checkers with Dad.

Meanwhile, Matteo, Grandma and I headed to the pool!

And then this happened… The Votel family stopped by for a visit.  Had a blast!  Thank you!!!

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